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MCM Sales for all your precast needs!

Contact Us

If you have questions regarding any of our services or products, please contact us.

Head Office

Mel C. Marshall Industrial Consultants Inc.
1315 Enderby Avenue
Delta, BC V4L 1S4
Phone: 604-943-8512
Fax: 604-943-2738
Mel Marshall - mel@mcmconsultants.ca
Braden Marshall - braden@mcmsales.ca

        Mel                                                   Braden


Warehouse Sales

MCM Sales
19057 25th Avenue, Unit 103
Surrey, BC V3Z 3V2
Phone: 604-541-1998
Fax: 604-541-1668
Braden Marshall - braden@mcmsales.ca
Debbie Marshall - debbie@mcmsales.ca
Anthony Marshall - anthony@mcmsales.ca

        Debbie                                                 Anthony



Ontario: Gary Deppe
Phone: 905-318-8293
Fax: 905-318-9840
Email - gdeppe@quickclic.net

Quebec: Charles Pelletier
Phone: 514-572-0226
Email: - mcm.quebec@gmail.com   


    Gary                              Charles                                      



Head Office: 604-943-8512     Warehouse: 604-541-1998