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MCM Sales for all your precast needs!


We have represented the following companies with pride, for many years, because we believe they are the best in their respective industries. We’re certain that if you click on the following web sites, you will agree.

Chameleon Innovations��www.chameleon.ca

    Fabric enclosures for:
  • curing concrete products
  • storage area for forms, equipment
  • storage area for strand
  • covers for aggregates

Concrete Sealants Inc.   http://conseal.com/
  • Butyl Joint Sealants and External Wraps
  • Waterstops
  • Primers

Haarup Maskinfabrik    www.haarup.com/

  • Complete Concrete Plants
  • Batching Equipment
  • Mixers

Hamilton Kent   www.hamiltonkent.com/

  • Gaskets, Manhole Connectors
  • Lifespan System

HawkeyePedershaab   http://hawkeyepedershaab.com/

  • Concrete Pipe and Manhole Machines
  • Mold Equipment

Johnson Gas   www.johnsongas.com/

  • Direct-Fired Concrete Curing Systems

MBK   http://www.mbk-kisslegg.de/en/

  • Wire Cage Machines
  • Wire Mesh Machines

MSU  www.msumississauga.com/

  • Manhole steps, ladders
  • Safety grates, hatches
  • Pumping Station Equipment

Polylok Inc.  www.polylok.com/

  • Septic Tank Risers, Connectors, D-boxes
  • Septic Tank Effluent Filters
  • Spacers and Chairs

Thompson & Hudson   www.thompsonandhudson.co.uk/

  • Straightening and Cutting Machines


Head Office: 604-943-8512     Warehouse: 604-541-1998